UPDATE: Pets of Texan stranded in Alaska rescued

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ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - James Deuley of Houston, Texas who was stranded in Anchorage because of Hurricane Harvey, has received good news that his pets were rescued from his flooded apartment complex.

James Deuley's apartment complex in Houston, TX. (courtesy James Deuley)

Deuley's son, who lives with him, made it to safety but had to leave the pets behind as flood waters rose.

Stephanie Young, Deuley's niece in Anchorage, says a friend in Texas saw her Facebook post about Channel 2 News coverage Tuesday that described her uncle's concern for his pets, and for his friends and family suffering the impacts of the storm.

Young says her friend was able to arrange to have the pets, two dogs and a cat, rescued. "A U.S. Marshal and his wife rescued all three animals and they are going to personally foster them until James is able to fly back home." Young said, who added that all of the pets are in good condition.

Even though other sections of her uncle's apartment complex were flooded, Young says his apartment stayed dry. " By the grace of God, his apartment is fine."

Young said her uncle is tentatively scheduled to fly back to Houston on Sunday, if airports in the area reopen.

Deuley said Tuesday he is watching news coverage and social media posts about the devastation back home almost around the clock.

"It's very heartbreaking," he said. "I mean, as beautiful as it is here, I want to be home. I want to be there to help out with what's going on there."

"My sister-in-law, her house is flooded out. Everyone I know is just losing everything that they worked for years and years, and now it's all gone" Deuley said.

"Houston has always pulled together,' he said. "Every time there's been something going on, we pull together - we fight. It's a strong place. That's why I'm very proud of that city."

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