Inflated roof at The Dome allows crews to assess damage

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ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - The Dome is on track to re-open mid-November as the roof is fully inflated.

The indoor sports facility was forced to close earlier this year when heavy snow collapsed the inflatable roof.

In a phone interview with Channel 2 News, Curtis Penney, CEO for The Dome, said the roof is fully inflated and the damage to the turf doesn't look too bad.

"Most of the turf actually looks in really good condition, particularly in the north end, there will be areas that need repairs, but overall things look good inside The Dome."

Penney says construction crews are pacing at a great rate to get The Dome opened in time. Some existing stands and some outside stands were brought in to expedite the reconstruction process.

Penney explains much of the structure will remain from before the heavy snowfall collapsed The Dome's roof. There will be a laser system added that will allow staff "to more accurately measure and monitor the weight load on The Dome."

"There will also be an alarm, in case something happens, we'll have plenty of time to get out," said Penney.

Penney says community groups have been incredible bringing The Dome back and the excitement is palpable.

"We're just as excited as anyone else to get in there, many of us that are part of the team at The Dome are users," said Penney.

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