A mother's ashes are stolen after a storage unit gets ransacked

ANCHORAGE (KTUU) — Sissi Frost said she was shocked to find out that her storage unit was broken into and took over half of her belongings including her mother's ashes.

"I mean every drawer was gone through, and they had time to go through it, and they couldn't tell those were ashes in the vase," Frost said.

Frost said she was in the process of moving and storing most of her belongings in a unit at Best Storage.

Art Davidson, the owner of Best Storage, says he has noticed crime increasing within the last year.

"Many times you are on your own and you have got to be your own defender against crime," Davidson said. "We have taken this very seriously and other storage facilities have too."

Davidson said Best Storage has been combating crime with multiple layers of defense, including security cameras, a gate and encouraging Alaskans to use locks that cannot be cut with bold cutters.

Alexis Smith with Publix Self Storage says a closed Facebook page has been helping identify those attempting to steal from storage facilities.

Smith says the page has only been open for a few months and already has a lot of activity.

"We are always working at staying one step ahead," Smith said. "Sometimes you hear about things happening in the middle of the day that you think would never happen."

Smith suggest using having an insurance policy even if it is not required.

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