The "best of the West" - who's running for assembly in West Anchorage

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ANCHORAGE (KTUU) After winning a special election in 2018, West Anchorage Assembly Member Austin Quinn-Davidson is running for reelection to represent West Anchorage.

“It can be challenging, but it’s the most fulfilling thing I’ve ever done,” she said.

Quinn-Davidson said the work she’s most proud of from her time on the Assembly came after the 2018 earthquake. Through work with local, state, and federal partners, and a trip to Washington DC, Quinn-Davidson got the Federal Emergency Management Agency to change their policies on earthquake repair grants bringing in more money for foundational repair.

“I had families come up to me and say ‘you changed my life, you allowed me to stay in my home,’” she said.

Quinn-Davidson also said she’s a supporter of increased public safety, is working to bring more affordable housing, and was a co-author of the alcohol tax on this year’s ballot.

Quinn-Davidson’s two opponents, however, are not supporters of the tax.

One of her opponents, MoHagani Magnetik, said it’s disingenuous to propose a tax that failed at the ballot a year before, and that she thinks it’s a bad time to levy any sort of tax.

“In the moment that we’re living in now, we shouldn’t be asking the people for any more money and resources than they already have,” she said.

Magnetik said she considers herself a moderate. She’s a coast guard veteran, writer, and a huge fan of Wonder Woman.

“When people see the symbols,” she said, holding up her replicas of Wonder Woman’s signature bracers, “they know automatically, hey, MoHagani stands for justice and equality and respect and love for all people.”

In the other corner of the race, former professional wrestler, firefighter, and current engineer Nick Danger is running on what he said is a conservative platform.

“We really need to manage this budget and get it down,” he said. “Big fat government is not good.”

Danger said he wants to get government spending under control and reduce government oversight like title XXI regulations and the plastic bag ban.

“This bag thing has made me nuts,” he said. “The majority of people I talk to hate it, and they want it repealed.”

When asked about their competitors, all three candidates said they’re glad to be part of a race where voters have a range of options available.

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