The story of what happens to the 4th Avenue Theatre continues

Published: Jul. 17, 2017 at 2:37 PM AKDT
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In the ongoing saga of

, on Monday morning, the historical commission voted unanimously that the building should be declared a historic monument, or historic site, for the state.

The building is already on the National Register of Historic Places.

Grant Callow, with the Friends of the 4th Avenue Theater, said the actions today also opened the window that the state could explore buying the building, which was built in 1941.

"The building can be declared a historic monument, or historic site, for Alaska," Callow said. "The governor can then contact the owners and ask them if they are willing to do that. If they don't, the governor can, if he chooses, take action to declare it a historic site, anyway. And that just provides the state with an opportunity, if necessary, to protect and preserve the building."

A phone call to Peach Investment Corporation, which owns the building wasn't returned Monday afternoon. But, back in April, a representatives with Peach said it would cost more than $10 million to bring the building up to code and added that they would not demolish the building. Instead, they said they applied for a demolition permit to do maintenance, there.

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