The world, and Alaska, will have one less Blockbuster following another store closure

Blockbuster sign
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ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - Despite the buzz surrounding the once-prosperous retail chain, one of Blockbuster's last vestiges has confirmed it will be shutting down in the upcoming weeks.

The store located at 44376 Sterling Hwy in Soldotna announced it would be shuttering its doors in the upcoming weeks, citing financial issues developing from a lagging economy.

Store manager Justin Trickel, who has overseen the Soldotna location for the past year, said, "It's gotten for luxuries, where people need to decide between buying food or renting a movie."

Trickel said he didn't believe competition with rental or streaming services like Netflix and Redbox played a big part in the store's announced closure, saying that they frequently got new releases weeks before the kiosks, and months before they'd ever see online platforms.

The store will be open "for at least the next 4 weeks" as management plans to sell off basically everything in sight.

"From the movies, candy, videogames, to the shelving and fixtures, it's all up for grabs," Trickel said, noting that the big Blockbuster sign out front had already been spoken for.

The store could remain open beyond the four-week mark depending on sales, Trickel said. The store is closed Monday to prepare for the upcoming fire sale.

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