Thousands of Interior Alaska residents without power

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FAIRBANKS (KTUU) Thousands of interior Alaska residents are without power after a series of outages.

Golden Valley Electric first reported having problems Monday but the utility company says outages started earlier that week. According to the companies Facebook page, “warmer temperatures have caused numerous outages in the Fairbanks & North Pole areas starting late Sunday afternoon.”

GVEA attributed the issues to warmer temperatures and says melting snow bended trees towards power lines.

By early Thursday morning the company said it had rotated 6 crews, lost the intertie – a critical power infrastructure line – from Anchorage, and reported 139 separate outages affecting over 30,000 members.

According to GVEA’s online outage map at least 1200 customers are without power Thursday.

Fort Wainwright residents weren’t spared. At around 5:00 p.m. Thursday the Fairbanks Police Department warned drivers to stay clear of the power plant on base. The alert described power issues in the area and said Fire Operations was addressing the issue.

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