Three men threaten police and community members with steel pipes and an axe

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ANCHORAGE, Alaska (KTUU) - Alaska State Troopers arrested three men accused of attempted murder, theft, kidnapping, along with other crimes.

On Saturday around 7 p.m. Troopers received reports of three Stebbins men, 32-year-old Richard Hunt, 23-year-old Michael Raymond, and 25-year-old Paul Pete, who had stolen two ATV's and were threatening the VPO's and people in the village.

Reports say the men were threatening people with steel pipes, an axe and an anchor while Hunt tried to run people over with one of the stolen ATV's.

Police arrested Pete, while the other two continued to threaten people.

During this time Raymond and Hunt went to the Public Safety building where Pete was being held and officials say they busted down the door to break in and free Pete.

Once the trio was back together officials say they continued to threaten police and others.

Hunt, Raymond, and Pete are being held with $25,000, $15,000, and $10,000 bail.

The investigation is on-going.

All three men are expected in court on June 10.

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