Anchorage assembly action: marijuana shop privacy and public office

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Anchorage There were two big issues before the Anchorage Assembly Tuesday night: can someone serve in two city offices, and the privacy rights of marijuana shops.

Anchorage city leaders gave the green light to change the rules for those who wish to run for public office. A man named Ron Stafford is running for Mayor, and the Anchorage School Board. But, it was unanimous, the assembly banned someone from serving in two seats, or more.

"Do you do that just going forward or do you say to the one person who has done it 'we weren't clear but now we're being clear and you cannot.' And I guess I would err on the side of letting them do it this time," Eric Croft who represents West Anchorage said. "It's awkward, particularly if he wins both that would be odd."

The Assembly added that it could soon add banning signing up to run for two seats or more at the same time in the future.

Marijuana shops in Anchorage should feel a bit safer after the movements made by city leaders tonight. The Assembly also approved a wide variety of changes to those in the bud business updating and clarifying land use regulations for the industry. For example in the past any member of the public had a right to look up certain aspects and information on pot shops.

"I appreciate what was done here, something as simple as not forcing them to put the places where they have their security cameras on a document so that if you were interested in robbing them you can just go look at their file and see where their security cameras are," Croft said.

The industry asked for the change because of robbery concerns since marijuana is a cash only business.

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