Visitor from Wisconsin donates ambulance to McCarthy

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ANCHORAGE (KTUU)- The small community of McCarthy has been out of a fully functioning ambulance for almost a year.This week, that all changed from the kindness of a stranger.

Jacob Shultz, Chief of Emergency Medical Services for the all volunteer operation says they service Kennicott and the McCarthy areas.

Shultz says when out for a call he noticed the ambulance's electrical switch box had been vandalized. Signs were hung up around town asking if anyone knew anything about the apparent crime.

Shultz says that's when John Dobbs, a visitor from Wisconsin, stepped in. "He said he was walking out of the bar one afternoon there and saw the sign on the door and it kind of bothered him and he wanted to do something about it."

Shultz said Dobbs bought an ambulance in Wisconsin and fixed it up.

Dobbs and his co-pilot, Randy Samz drove the ambulance from Wisconsin to Bellingham,Washington. They then went on the ferry to Haines and drove the rest of the way to McCarthy.

On Thursday, the McCarthy community held a potluck to welcome the new ambulance. Shultz says most of the community came out to thank Dobbs and Samz for their kindness and generosity.

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