Traveling exhibit combines music and solar energy at the Anchorage Museum

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (KTUU) Combining music and solar energy is the driving force behind a new installation at the Anchorage Museum.

Created by Craig Colorusso, sun boxes will line the museum's lawn for the next week.

Each box is programmed to play a different guitar note continuously — given there's enough sunlight.

Colorusso said the weather could directly affect an individual experience with the artwork.

"It's more about making a system that improvises with mother nature and sometimes she wants it quiet and I'm cool with that," he said.

Colorusso says he hopes the work encourages Alaskans to find a moment and relax throughout the day.

"This was not an intention, but sometimes you don't get what you want when you want it and it's really nice to be reminded of that," he said.

So far, the traveling sun boxes have been in 19 other states.

The mobile exhibit is also part of design weekend across the city.

"Bringing the community together is going to help highlight what design means for different people in different groups and how it makes a difference here in Alaska and in the north in general," programs specialist at the Anchorage Museum, Alex Taitt said.

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