Truth Test: Do these 'life hacks' hack it for Alaska's window ice?

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ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - With the cold air parked over Alaska, the less time spent outside, the better. Several different winter “hacks” are available online and meteorologist Tracy Sinclare and reporter Victoria Taylor decided to test a couple of them to see if they worked.

Life Hack #1 - homemade de-icer:

The first hack is a homemade de-icer. It’s a mix of 2 parts rubbing alcohol to 1 part water. Based on the online videos, you squirt the mixture on the window and the frost just melts away. We don’t know if Alaska's frost is tougher than that in other parts of the world, or if our alcohol-to-water ratio wasn’t correct, but this didn’t really work. And within about 10 minutes, the mixture had frozen to the window. We reverted to a good old-fashioned ice scraper.

Life Hack #2 - keep your windshield from fogging:

The second hack was new to us—putting shaving cream on the inside of your window to stop it from fogging up. Apply the shaving cream with one rag then wipe it off with a clean rag. This one actually seemed to work. The area around the test site started to fog, but where we applied the shaving cream didn't. We learned a few “lessons” during the process. It’s quite a messy procedure and the window was a little streaky afterward.

Important lesson--don’t put the shaving cream on an already cold windshield! It freezes and then it’s almost impossible to get off the glass (personal experience).

Overall, one hit, one miss. We’d like to hear your best winter hacks!

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