Tyson Elementary School students send packages to war-torn Jordan

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ANCHORAGE, AK The Anchorage community is working to show those in war-torn Middle-East that it cares about their well-being.

Students at Tyson Elementary School demonstrated that care earlier at the Campfire Service Project Donation Event.

The kids started collecting community donations in September to send to children in Jordan. Over 150 bags are filled with tie dye shirts and socks, toiletries, and trinkets to help brighten the days of children affected by war.

Dr. Deena Bishop joined the school this morning in recognizing the youth for their efforts.

Participants said it's a chance to give to people in need.

"We're helpful to help you and others around you," Tyson Elementary School student Kahealani Ku’umomischilint said, speaking to the children of Jordan.

"We live in a great community in anchorage,” Tyson Elementary school teacher Francisco Mercado said. “But there's a whole world out there that I want them to learn and discover and find out what's going on. And find out there are people out there who are going through pains."

Mercado says the school is partnered with a Seattle non-profit who will ship the gift bags. The bags will be dispersed to children in refugee camps once they arrive in Jordan.

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