Unique village challenges of Covid-19 in Igiugig

ANCHORAGE (KTUU) While the bulk of Alaska's residents reside in the states more populist hubs the COVID-19 pandemic poses unique challenges for small villages like Igiugig.

Located in the southwest portion of the state the village boasts a population of right around 70 residents.

Local Jon Salmon says the village is doing what it can to be ready. "I would say it's a lot of preparation. What we did for food is IBC did a bulk order of just the basics to get you through. It hasn't been dispersed at all but you know the village council has it on hand just in case."

While considerations and plans are being made there is a common concern. "When it gets here... I guess is what looms over everyone's head and right now we are severely limited on health care." Said Jon.

Along with the health concerns, the small village is also working to keep everyone connected. A generally social group the community is turning to technology to help. "Being a small community we're pretty tight-knit. Everybody didn't realize how much we do visit. What we did come up with is a weekly community visit where we all teleconference via zoom, everybody calls in. We go through the houses to just check-in to see if they have any concerns or anything that has been on their mind or if they want to vent or if they just want to say hello to everyone as a way to keep everyone's morale up." Said Jon.

How small villages handle the threat from this global pandemic will continue to adjust and shift as new information becomes available but right now preparation is the main focus.

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