VIDEO: Bull moose fight on opposite sides of fence near Kincaid Park

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ABOVE: Video courtesy Bryan Anderson

Video courtesy Bryan Anderson

ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - A fight between two bull moose separated by a fence near Kincaid Park lasted for several hours over the weekend, with neither animal able to break completely through the barrier.

According to biologist Dave Battle with the Department of Fish and Game, this time of the year is right in the middle of moose rutting season, and bulls commonly fight for cows. However it’s uncommon for moose to fight for so long.

“They were fighting on either side of the fence so neither one of them could really drive the other one off,” Battle told Channel 2. “They can last a little while, but that’s pretty long.”

When the two opponents finally separated, one of the bulls walked away with about 40 -50 feet of barbed wire wrapped around his antlers, Battle said. The wire became tangled in the moose’s legs and snagged trees and bushes as the animal headed into the woods.

Fish and Game officials responded to the area and used a dart to tranquilize the ensnared moose, allowing them to move in and cut the wire free from the animal’s antlers.

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BELOW: Video courtesy Marina Carey Jarvis

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