VIDEO: Near miss; motorcyclist inches away from moose crash

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ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - It was just after 6 a.m. in Anchorage. The highway, still dark, didn't have many cars yet on the road.

Still taken from the dashboard video showing a motorcycle nearly striking a moose in Anchorage. Video courtesy of Rick Schleyer.

Suddenly, a moose ran onto the road, crossing it, leaving precious few seconds to react.

One Alaska driver, and one motorcyclist were faced with that scenario Wednesday morning, and came within inches of striking an adult moose while on Minnesota Drive.

It was all caught on dashboard camera video of driver Rick Schleyer, who was able to brake and slow down, allowing the moose to run by.

As for the motorcyclist, it's not entirely clear if that person even saw the moose. In the dash-cam footage, the motorcyclist can be seen speeding along as normal, nearly striking the moose.

The motorcycle headlights flash over the moose's legs, with the tires of the bike still in the center of the lane. Fractions of a second later, after the near-miss with the moose, the motorcycle veers closer to the center line of the two-lane highway.

Watch the video posted above for the close call.

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