Veteran rebuilding home of 40 years after it was destroyed by McKinley Fire

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ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - Al Fischer, 68, is currently in the process of rebuilding his home of 40 years after it was destroyed in August during the McKinley Fire.

The Vietnam Veteran is living in a tent in his yard as he rebuilds, hoping that he will have a cabin in-time for the winter.

“My neighbor referred to as a red-neck man cave, cause I have a recliner in it,” Fischer laughed, referring to his campsite.

He was lounging in that recliner Monday morning as he waited for the rain to die down.

Along with his home, a shed full of tools and several cars burned up. He is also missing his 13-year-old dog.

“Last time I saw her she was underneath the house there was fireman all around the house and she was freaking out,” she said. “She was on her last legs, so.”

Fischer said that he’s had an overwhelming amount of people reach out to him. Many have offered furniture or other things to get his new home started, but unfortunately, he has no place to put them.

He said that he is worried about the funds he needs to build a new cabin, but said that it will get done with the help of friends and loans.

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