Victim identified in Wednesday homicide, Suspect charged with murder

Anchorage (KTUU) Anchorage Police Department has identified the victim in Wednesday's stabbing. She's identified as Rose Warren, 71.

The suspect, 73-year-old Robert Thomas, was charged with Murder in the First Degree, Murder in the Second Degree, Tampering with Physical Evidence and Attempted Tampering with Physical Evidence.

According to the charging documents, APD was called to an assisted living home at 8811 Cordell Circle for a report of a stabbing. When they got there, the manager Huncy Nielson said he was downstairs and heard a scream.

Neilson described it as if that person was in "dire need." Other residents confirmed they heard a commotion and a shout around 1:30 a.m. coming from one of the rooms.

Nielson said when he heard the screaming, he ran upstairs and saw 73-year-old resident Robert Joseph Thomas come out of the room, covered in blood and carrying a bloody knife. Nielson said he saw Thomas go across the hall and into the bathroom with the knife.

Thomas lives in a room nearby the victim's room. According to Nielson, he thought he saw Thomas walking from his room toward Warren's 15 to 45 seconds before he heard the screaming.

Nielson then states he followed Thomas into the bathroom, where he saw him washing blood off the knife. When he asked him what he was doing, Thomas told him something that sounded like "I'm sorry."

Nielson got him to drop the knife, escorted him downstairs and had two other residents watch him while he went to assist Warren and wait for the police to arrive.

When APD officers arrived, Thomas told the officers he "wanted to kill her" and that he "stabbed her 7 or 8 times."

Thomas is currently in custody.

The Anchorage District Attorney’s Office says Thomas' bail is set at $100,000.

His next scheduled hearing will be a pre-indictment hearing on May 7.

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