Virtual chorus class during Covid-19

ANCHORAGE (KTUU) The schools in Anchorage are empty. No students, no teachers, no staff but class? The class is still on. Only now it's going digital.

Gabrielle Pierle, the Choral Director for West Anchorage high school and Romig middle school is having to adjust to a new normal.

"Having a choral ensemble now, which performs, which is everything we did, which was the main focus and our favorite thing it's no longer possible." Says Ms. Pierle

Still, there are things that can be done from afar via applications like Zoom. "Just as they are in the classroom some are amazing some are adapting well, they're showing up they're doing their things they're working ahead. Some students are a little inappropriate on the video chats we've been talking about how to handle that." Says Ms. Pierle.

This is just the beginning for teachers entering the digital space. Ms. Pierle is hosting just her second class on Zoom and she's learning along the way just like the students logged in from the other side of the screen. "We're just trying our best." Says Ms. Pierle.

Currently, this chorus class is optional, the electives won't be mandatory until the week of April 13th. Once it does kick into full gear the curriculum will look much different than it would in a normal year which is true of most things now in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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