Wait!!! That ice is not thick enough to skate on

ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - As Channel 2 meteorologists have reported over the past months, Anchorage has set record warm temperatures. According to meteorologist Robert Forgit the trend is continuing into November.

It's simply not cold enough yet to go out on the ice.

This warning came too little too late on Sand Lake Friday. Channel 2 took a call Friday afternoon from a concerned viewer saying she witnessed two different people fall through the ice.

A quick call to Anchorage Fire confirmed they responded to a call of someone falling through the ice at Sand Lake – they had fallen into chest-high water.

AFD says the person made it out just fine, but this serves as a very important reminder to all anxious winter recreationalists: even if ice appears to be thick enough to support your body weight, it is not.

Meteorologist Robert Forgit says ice won’t be safe until temperatures stay consistently below freezing – as in teens and twenties, day and night -- for two to three weeks straight.

Parks and Recreation monitors ice thickness for recreational bodies of water in Anchorage. Forgit says they are a good resource to check before considering hitting the ice.

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