WATCH: Breathtaking video captured at Spencer Glacier

ANCHORAGE, (KTUU) - Two tourists had the experience of a lifetime when they were caught front and center of a collapsing glacier.

An Ice cave at Spencer Glacier, near Portage Glacier. PJ Hill 3-23-18

Andrew Hooper and Josh Bastyr are traveling tourists, who with their respective families, go around the country experiencing new things and meeting new people.

The above and below video was captured while the two men kayaked at Spencer Glacier.

Channel 2 spoke with the men Wednesday who had this to say about how it all happened and their thoughts following the experience.

The two men say they arrived in Alaska this summer on July 5. Before heading here they were in Canada.

"[A lot of reasons] drove us to it. We didn’t understand the power of it, We wanted to see something, but at the time you’re that close to the glacier, your kind of in it. The adrenaline is just pumping, there’s no thinking or common sense," says Hooper.

Hooper says he and his family started traveling full time back in March 2017. It wasn't till 2019 when they took it seriously.

Hooper says his family wanted adventure, to "get out of the status quo, see more of the country."

As for Bastyr, his family started their adventure back in 2018. Like Hooper, his family also wanted something new.

Bastyr says he saw videos on Youtube of other families hitting the road, "that picked up everything, sold their place and traveled the country."

"We thought that was awesome. I thought 'I wish we could do that,' My wife is on the same page with me. So we looked into it and luckily after a year and a half of looking into it, we decide to do it ourselves so here we are," says Bastyr.

Both men say the hard part was shifting from an office job and going more for remote work.

Both families will be heading down to the lower 48 next month to continue their adventures!

You can follow the families' adventures on their respective Youtube channels.

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