WATCH: Wasilla family gets "ding dong ditched" by moose

WASILLA, Ak Before the aftershock Sunday morning, a Wasilla family woke up to a larger, more hairy and hooved surprise.

A moose in Wasilla wakes a family up by ringing their doorbell at 2 in the morning.

A moose made it's way onto their front porch and rang the doorbell!

Jenna Reimer says she and her husband were startled awake by the sound, around 2 a.m.

Initially the Reimers thought the sound of the moose walking on their deck might be an aftershock, but a look out the window settled those fears.

She says the family usually sees moose in the area, but they've never had one ring their doorbell before.

The video will air in our 10pm newscast and then will be attached to this web article.