Walker hires $185,000-a-year oil and gas chief adviser

John Hendrix
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ANCHORAGE (KTUU) Gov. Bill Walker announced today that he has created an oil and gas adviser job within state government, hiring former Apache Alaska general manager John Hendrix to the role.

Hendrix, who Walker said would serve as “my right-hand person on oil and gas issues,” will be paid a salary of $185,000 in the cabinet-level position, according to the governor's office.

“As Alaska navigates this new reality of low oil prices and production, the industry itself is grappling with ways to innovate amidst this economic downturn,” Walker said in a written statement. “I am pleased that John Hendrix will join my team to help steer the conversation between the state and the industry so the relationship is mutually beneficial. Given John’s nearly four decades of oil and gas experience, his insight is much needed and respected.”

The governor is pursuing a long-anticipated state natural gas pipeline as Alaska looks for a perpetual way to fill state coffers. In a conversation with reporters, Walker described Hendrix as a Homer-grown former wrestling champion who worked 18 years for BP.

Hendrix has served on the Alaska Oil and Gas Association Board and worked for five years as the general manager and managing director for Apache’s Qarun Petroleum Co. joint venture in Egypt, according to the state.

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