Want to fly from Anchorage to New York without stopping? There's a way

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ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - One national airline is making the push for a faster, more streamlined flight from Anchorage to the east coast, after noting the increased demand in Alaska travel.

According to Jonathan Guerin, spokesperson for United Airlines, the company will be expanding its flight between Ted Stevens International Airport, and Newark Liberty International Airport, to be a daily flight option.

Guerin said the flight between Alaska and New Jersey, which he described as United's New York hub, used to run on Saturday only, but they noticed there was a higher demand than the one weekly flight could satisfy.

"There's real demand for it," Guerin said in a phone interview. "Our team that monitors demand really saw more and more customers wanting to fly to Anchorage, and we saw the opportunity to increase Anchorage flights."

The airline says the flight will save travelers an average of over five hours per flight, due to cutting out connections and layovers. It stated in a release that it will be the only carrier to serve ANC nonstop from NYC.

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