Watch out for summer bee swarms in Anchorage

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (KTUU) - It's that time of year to watch out for bee swarms here in Anchorage.

A large hive of bees took up a new home inside the wall of Spenard Building Supply Store and needed to be removed.

Local beekeeper, Barbara Bachmeier, suited up with an employee of the supply store to remove the wall, collect the queen, and relocate the hive.

Bachmeier says it's important this time of year to keep an eye on any tiny holes you may have around the exterior of your home to prevent this from happening.

"It's all about the previous home for these honeybees having become to crowded, and what happens at that point is they create a new queen, half of the colony takes off, and then some of the scout bees take a look around to find another suitable place for half of the colony to move," said Bachmeier. "One of the scout bees found a knot in this piece of wood and decided that it would be a pretty good place to relocate to."

Bachmeier was unable to locate the queen Saturday, so the plan is to return Sunday with hopes of finding it before relocating the hive to its new home.

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