Watch out for Swimmers' Itch while enjoying Anchorage lakes

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ANCHORAGE, Alaska (KTUU) - Anchorage Parks and Recreation reports that Swimmers' Itch or the Schistosome parasite was found in two Anchorage lakes, Goose Lake and Jewel Lake.

According to a brochure published by Parks and Rec, Swimmers' Itch is common in Alaska's lakes during the summer months.

"Anyone who swims or wades in infested water may be at risk. The parasites are more likely to be present in shallow water by the shoreline. Children are most often infected due to their habits of
swimming or wading in shallow water" the brochure says.

Swimmers' itch can be prevented by rinsing and towel drying after swimming or wading in the water, swimming away from the shore and avoiding swimming in an area where snails and birds have accumulated.

If you do contact the parasite, the brochure says to do as follows, use Hydrocortisone cream, a cool compress, bath with baking soda, anti-itch lotion, Calamine lotion, and an oatmeal bath.
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