Watch this cool slow-motion scene captured by an eagle-eyed viewer

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CLAM GULCH, Alaska (KTUU) - A day spent hanging out on the beach turned into an opportunity to appreciate one of nature’s most majestic creatures – and capture it all on video.

Courtesy Tim Doner

Tim Doner and his family were camping Sunday at Clam Gulch, their home-base for commercial fishing, when they decided to test out Doner’s new GoPro.

Doner said some halibut fishermen had cleaned their catch nearby, and the scraps attracted a lot of seagulls, as well as some birds of prey.

“We saw an eagle fly by, so I just turned it on and then you see what happened,” Doner said. “He swooped down and grabbed something and flew away.”

Doner sent the video to Channel 2, and said he and his companions knew immediately they got some good footage.

“We were giving fist bumps and high fives,” Doner said. “It was pretty cool."

The fisherman has been working in the area for 45 years, and said it seems there are more eagles around than he’s seen in the past.

Monday morning he drove by the same beach and saw dozens of the adult and juvenile birds.

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