Watchful neighbor 'instrumental' in catching Anchorage burglars, police say

The logo for APD's Neighborhood Crime Watch initiative.
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ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - The model of the "neighborhood watch" is oft-touted as the answer to an overstretched police force. By neighbors looking out for each other, vigilance can be everywhere in the city, even where police officers aren't always present.

In Anchorage Tuesday afternoon, police say that's just what happened, and two alleged burglars were placed under arrest.

The incident began on April 3, when a watchful neighbor spotted what they deemed as a "suspicious vehicle" parked in the driveway of their neighbor's house on the 8600 block of Pioneer Drive off of Muldoon.

The neighbor called 911, and patrol division officers arrived, catching two men in the act of burglarizing a house.

Those two suspects, Johnny Cachola, 29, and Saiyachack Sisoukpanthong, 35, were questioned and arrested on burglary charges.

In a statement issued by the Anchorage Police Department the following day, the department thanked the watchful neighbor, writing, "Thank you to the resident who recognized the suspicious activity in their neighborhood and called 911. They were instrumental in helping us catch the criminals."

APD also provided a link for other Anchorage residents to get involved with the program, Neighborhood Crime Watch.