We the People: a history test for Anchorage Middle Schools

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ANCHORAGE, AK Hundreds of Anchorage middle school students showed off their historical knowledge at the University of Anchorage, Alaska Friday.

"We the People" is a national program teaching civic engagement to America's youth. Groups of four to five students present a historical topic to a panel of judges, and respond to a Q&A to further test their knowledge.

Participants in today's invitational say knowing history is part of being an engaged citizen.

"History is a really important part of the world,” Begich Middle School student Abby Burke said. “You're getting to know the history of our country which is really important because it shaped how the U.S. is today."

"One of the biggest roles a citizen has is make sure they understand how our government works and to participate,” event organizer Asher Harley said. “This really is democracy in action."

Harley says anchorage schools have been participating in these mock debates for the last 10 years.

For more information about the program and ASD student participation contact ASD 742-4839.

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