Weather hampers search for climbers on Mendenhall Ice Field

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ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) - Update - March 14, 2018:
After a week of searching for two men who went missing in the Mendenhall Ice Field in Juneau, authorities who participated in the search are saying the two men perished on the mountain.

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Original Story - March 12, 2018:
Foul weather continues to hamper the search for two climbers who failed to return from the Mendenhall Ice Field near Juneau.

Alaska State Troopers say an Army National Guard helicopter will resume a search for 34-year-old George "Ryan" Johnson of Juneau and 25-year-old Marc-Andre Leclerc of British Columbia, if conditions allow.

On March 5, the climbers called to say they had climbed the Mendenhall Towers peaks. They planned a return to Juneau by Wednesday night, but were reported missing when they did not return.

A snow storm hit Juneau on Wednesday.

Searchers found some of the men's gear, but weather did not allow aerial searches Friday or Saturday.

The National Guard helicopter Sunday searched the south face of the Mendenhall Towers but found no clues before weather forced a return.

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