What's the 'most popular' cruise destination in the world? It's in Alaska, apparently

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ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - Out of all the cruises throughout all the countries in the world, a beautiful Alaska cruise comes in as number 1 most popular for 2018, according to a tourist aggregate.

According to Cruise Critic, a website and subsidiary of TripAdvisor, Inc., Glacier Bay in Alaska was named "Most Popular Cruise Destination in 2018," edging out cruises from around the world.

Most popular, in this case, doesn't mean it is the most traveled or has the highest number of sight-seers during 2018, nor does it mean the cruise got the most votes in an online poll.

What it means is that, out of all the ratings made by users of the site, the cruise with the highest average was Glacier Bay during a specific calendar period.

"The overall rating was taken from June 1, 2017 until May 31, 2018," said Aubrey Manzo Dunn, spokesperson for Cruise Critic. The awards are "based entirely on consumer reviews and ratings" posted to the site during that period, Dunn said.

While this "most popular" award might not be the most scientific, it's still significant that not only was Glacier Bay the highest reviewed cruise in the state (it has been for 3 years in a row now, according to Trip Advisor), but it beat out trips across the world, from France to Croatia, Australia and the Caribbean.

In one review, a member from Texas wrote, "Beautiful and no words can describe Margerie Glacier. Saw lots of calving here and the sounds were amazing. Be sure to include this on any cruise you consider."

Colleen McDaniel, Senior Executive Editor of Cruise Critic, said via email, “While tropical destinations will always be popular among cruisers, what’s really exciting to see is the rise in esteem of destinations more known for their immersive and experiential offerings."

The full list of 2018's most popular is as follows:

2018’s Most Popular Cruise Destinations

  1. Glacier Bay – Alaska

  2. Arles – France

  3. Quebec City – Canada

  4. Budapest – Hungary

  5. Wurzburg – Germany

  6. Durnstein – Austria

  7. Avignon – France

  8. St. Petersburg – Russia

  9. Dubrovnik – Croatia

  10. Villefranche – France

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