Who wore it best? Dogs model famous celebrity looks

Rover.com released some stats on how pet parents will celebrate Halloween and some photos of celebrity-inspired looks. (Source: Rover.com)

(Gray News) - With Halloween just a few short weeks away, many pet parents are planning out costumes for their dogs.

According to a Rover.com survey, a majority of dog owners are going to dress up their animals for the holiday.

The most common sources of inspiration are TV shows and movies, so here are some celebrity-inspired looks modeled by some very good boys and girls.

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Elton John, "Rocketdog" (Source: Rover.com)
"Doggy" Gaga at the Met "Growl-a" (Source: Rover.com)
"Shaggy" Ray Cyrus and Lil "Paws" X (Source: Rover.com)
Robin "Pupley" and Steve "Hairyton" from "Stranger Dogs" (Source: Rover.com)

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