Car drives into Wasilla Carrs grocery store

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Wasilla, AK (KTUU) Wasilla police confirm a vehicle drove into the Wasilla Carrs Safeway Grocery store this morning shattering glass near the front entrance.

A car crashes into the Wasilla Carrs grocery store shattering glass.

A spokesperson for WPD says the incident began as a medical emergency but offered no other details regarding injuries related to the person/persons involved or store employees or patrons.

A Channel 2 news reporter on the scene witnessed a shattered glass door and broken glass on the sidewalk, including broken liquor bottles from the Oaken Keg store.

Witnesses also told Channel 2 they saw the driver, a woman, receiving medical attention and leaving on a stretcher.

The vehicle involved in the incident has now been towed from the scene.

This is a developing story and KTUU will have more information as it becomes available.

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