SOY: Yoga Kids

ANCHORAGE (KTUU) Early in the morning, before the first bell of the day, at Kasuun elementary school, a group of young kids are stretching, posing, and participating in a yoga class.

According to young McKenna Vaughn “It just helped me relax a lot and I like when I can relax.”

The goofy postures, the discipline of a move, and the fun all pay dividends once the actual school day starts. “They go to the class and they just are visibly calmer and ready to start the day because whatever has been churning has had a chance to just settle.” Said teacher slash instructor Barbara Williams.

The kids fall, they laugh, the try again but it’s the feeling and the effort that seems to have an effect. “I like about it is it helps you get more exercise and it calms me down.” Said student Raleigh Palmer.

That calm is the goal, it’s the benefit, and it’s why this singular program at Kasuun is making a difference for the small group of young people who show up early for a little bit of yoga.

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