Young woman recounts early morning carjacking while walking to work

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ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - A young woman was walking to work Friday morning when she says a man ran toward her carrying a gun and demanded she hand over her car keys. Her car was then stolen and Anchorage Police say the man and a female passenger drove across town before crashing in East Anchorage.

Nichole Stachelrodt, 23, is a catering chef at the Alaska Native Medical Center. Just before 6 a.m., Stachelrodt was walking through the parking lot when she heard the sound of someone running behind her.

“I turn around and there’s a guy standing there with a gun, he didn’t say anything to me, he cocked it back and I asked him, “What do you want?”

Stachelrodt says the man mumbled “keys.” She handed them over but asked that he leave her house keys so she could get home. The man dropped the keys and Stachelrodt said he walked closer, patting her down.

She told him that she didn’t have anything he would want. “I had a bag of hard boiled eggs in my pocket and I said, “You can have my eggs.”

The man, identified by police as 25-year-old Cordy Martin, demanded to know where her car was parked, Stachelrodt walked toward her 2014 Dodge Charger and pointed at it. The man fled and she went inside the hospital to tell security who then called the police.

The APD building is only a few blocks away and Stachelrodt said officers arrived within four minutes.

Across town and the car was spotted. Lt. Commander John McKinnon said officers tried to stop the driver but he fled.

A short while later the driver crashed on Boniface Pkwy and Fourth Ave as Katherine Carlson, a bookkeeper, for Café D’Arte looked on. She says a man and woman stumbled out of the car as Carlson ran toward to help.

The man and woman ran right passed her, pursued by a police officer. Carlson said the woman, identified by APD as 18-year-old Kaleea Fox, was quickly caught but the man escaped. “That’s when every police officer in Alaska arrived.”

The SWAT Team and a K-9 Unit were called out to find the man and he was eventually found hiding underneath an upturned boat by K-9 Alex.
Stachelrodt says her beloved Dodge Charger is now in police custody and, as of Friday afternoon, she was talking to her insurance company about her options.

While she was devastated that it was likely beyond repair, she was happy that she didn’t try to confront the man while being robbed. “Don’t fight, all he could do was squeeze one trigger, and I’d be gone.”

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