Zoe Hickel brings program for young female athletes to Alaska

For young female athletes aspiring to play at the professional level, Zoe Hickel is bringing Anchorage her wealth of knowledge in a new summer program geared for girls.

Zoe Hickel's Summer Training Program runs June 11th-26th at Elite Sports Performance and is customized to work on strength, mobility, power, speed, agility, and conditioning.

Zoe tells KTUU that she tries to spend as much time off the ice in the summer, and that aspiring athletes should do the same. "During those developing years, it's hugely important. If you do want to make gains and make it to the next level, this is where it happens."

As a professional athlete, Zoe recognizes that progression comes from more than working out. That's where her sister, Tori, comes into play. As a certified sports and exercise nutritionist, Tori will also be working with the athletes on how to properly fuel their bodies.

Tori says, "Nutrition and exercise go hand in hand, and feeling right is directly linked with performance. It's a huge aspect of what I'm doing with my training, and to be the best I can be is the ultimate goal."

To read more about the program, you can check out ZoPro here and T Degree here .

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