Boats and ships near Prince William Sound, the Coast Guard can’t hear you

Parts of Prince William Sound may not be able to send VHF distress signals to the Coast Guard for a time in May 2018.
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ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - If you're on the waters of Prince William Sound, you'll have to be extra cautious. That's because if you run into trouble, depending on where you are, the Coast Guard says they may not hear your distress signal.

The Coast Guard announced Friday afternoon that it can’t hear distress VHF transmissions until vessels reach Port Wells in Prince William Sound, specifically on VHF-FM channel 16.

If you are in the following areas the Coast Guard won’t be able to hear a distress signal on channel 16:

  • Northwestern Prince William Sound

  • Port Wells

  • Whittier

  • Northern Culross Passage

  • Passage Canal

  • Hog Bay

  • Knight Island Passage

  • Copper River Delta to Icy Bay

If you end up in trouble on the water near Whittier or Passage Canal this weekend, the Coast Guard says you should make your distress call to the nearest Coast Guard unit or call the Sector Anchorage Command Center.

The number for the command center is (907) 428-4100.

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