Broken wine bottles, $2 book deals and lots of lost inventory, local businesses tally earthquake losses

ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - When hundreds of wine bottles fell inside Crush Wine Bistro & Cellar, it created a carpet of broken glass that was about ankle deep.

The warehouse section of Title Wave books started shaking during the earthquake and thousands of books toppled off the shelves and landed piled knee-high.

The glass from two big windows above the Fat Ptarmigan restaurant downtown shattered, forcing the restaurant below to temporarily shut down.

"It was like a guillotine hanging overhead," Chef Guy Conley said, "risked getting a little haircut."

There are countless stories, and pictures, of all the damage to local businesses in Anchorage that were created during the 7.0 earthquake last Friday.

"There are moments that I feel lucky and moments that I try to figure out how this is going to affect us three or four months from now," Robert Delucia the owner of Crush said after his two shops lost about 300 bottles of wine.

Down the street from him, Fat Ptarmigan is open again, although there is yellow caution tape outside.

"We're looking at $2,500 dollars lost in revenue," Conley said.

Wednesday, Conley was looking forward to a party of 35 coming in for lunch.

Delucia says customers have been coming in to buy a bottle or two of wine to help the business out.

"We're just we're thankful for the community coming out, they've really been wonderful about getting out there and buying a few bottles or coming in to the restaurant, and that's been absolutely wonderful but we're talking about tens of thousands of dollars," Delucia said of lost revenue, "and that's certainly going to have an effect on the business long term."

In Spenard, the owner of Title Wave Books, Angela Libal, said when she walked into the warehouse above the bookstore everything was on the floor.

"During the earthquake, everything ended up on the floor, so there went our organizational system, and how things were categorized," Libal said, "and we decided that rather than re-cataloging everything to open up the warehouse and have a sale."

A steady flow of people trickled in Wednesday afternoon to buy any book in the warehouse for $2.

Spenard Roadhouse lost its top-shelf liquor. Classic Toys posted photos on Facebook of Lego boxes on the ground. Dog Antiques and Collectibles has upside down tables and Studio FX Hair Design has bottles on the floor, according to their Instagram pictures.

Conley says among the chefs in town, there's talk about who lost the most wine.

"I've seen some pictures of some messes out there," Conley said.

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