Yards of marine debris get sorted for recycling at Northstar Terminal

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ANCHORAGE (KTUU) Piles of trash fill an Anchorage dockyard as crews sift through debris left by a 2011 Japanese Tsunami on the Prince William Sound Shoreline.

Taking 40 days to clean up just ten miles of coastline on both Montague and Kayak Islands.

“There is buoys, nets, lines and totes all kind of stuff associated with the commercial fishing industry,” says Chris Pallister of Gulf of Alaska Keeper. “We have about a hundred volunteers here we are just going through it, and just breaking it up into different categories.”

Sifting through the debris sorting them into trash and recycling piles to be taken away.

“Basically what I have told people in the past if it floats we have basically found it,” says Scott Groves who was part of the crews in charge of cleaning up. “Initially I knew it was going out there and picking up garbage, but I really didn’t know the extent I was going to be seeing.”

The state government says it was awarded 5 million dollars from the Japanese government to help clean coastlines of the Prince William Sound. With the Alaska’s Department of Environmental Conservation then awarding a contract to Gulf of Alaska’s Keeper.

The sorting goes until July 26th and anyone looking to get involved can email mdbsort@gmail.com

Note: An earlier version of this story incorrectly identified the location of the work as the Port of Anchorage.

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