2 on 2: Iron Dog's Team 10 uses no give up attitude to fuel race fire

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Riding a snow machine more than 2,000 miles across Alaska can teach you a lot of things. For Iron Dog's Chris Olds and Mike Morgan, it's taught them to never give up and to always have a positive attitude.

Team 10 has won back to back years and are eyeing a third straight title, something that hasn't been done since 1999.

"It would be awesome to win three in a row," Mike Morgan said. "It would be a bonus."

This will be the ninth year for these two to race together, and they say the beauty of the Alaskan landscape is why they keep coming back.

"The freedom to come and go whenever you want, that's why I started doing this," Chris Olds said.

"It's also addicting," Morgan said with a laugh.

The 2020 Iron Dog race starts on February 16th at 11 am out in Fairbanks.

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