Oilers player proposes to girlfriend on the field

KENAI, Alaska (KTUU) Preparation before every game is the key to success, both on and off the field.

Courtesy Jake Darrow

That's what Soldotna's Jake Darrow did, spending a month planning his proposal to his girlfriend, Saria Bryan.

"I kind of had an idea to do it on the field," Darrow said. "But I didn't know if it was going to actually work."

Darrow reached out to someone he knew could help: Casey Roehl, the "Voice of the Oilers."

"He says, 'Who do I need to talk to in order to arrange proposing to my girlfriend over the weekend?'" Roehl said.

Darrow arranged for Bryan to sing the national anthem at a game against the Anchorage Bucs in Kenai on June 10. When she was done, Darrow walked out to her on the field, got down on one knee, and popped the big question.

She said yes.

But if the build-up wasn't enough pressure for Darrow, he still had a game to play.

"I was nervous to play after that because I didn't want to have a bad game and ruin that special day," Darrow said. "It was good day. I scored the game-winning run."

Darrow said the wedding probably won't take place on the baseball field.

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