APU skiers sweep men's and women's races for 2019 Bird Ridge run

Anchorage (KTUU) Erik Bjornsen took the win for the men's division in the 2019 Bird Ridge run while his teammate Rosie Frankowski won it for the women.

Bjornsen and Frankowski just got back from glacier training camp for cross country skiing, where they put in some 200 miles worth of work before taking on the challenge that is Bird Ridge.

"I don't know, I tried to start hard, but I was lacking the motivation midway and could feel the 250 miles of skiing that I put in last week," Bjornsen, who finished with a time of 37:28, said with a laugh. "It was fun to go out and push hard but kinda trying to save a little bit for Mount Marathon."

For Frankowski, she said she was definitely feeling the pain in her legs, finishing with a time of 43:53. But it's the joy of getting to do something truly Alaskan that has her coming back.

"Its like this crazy thing that only people here decide to go do and then they make a race out of it. And I remember being like, I will never do this," she said with a grin. "And then of course I say I'm never going to do Mount Mararthon, and I do Mount Marathon. I"ll never do Bird Ridge, I do Bird Ridge. "