Alaska skiing community rallies behind Kikkan during cancer battle

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Anchorage (KTUU) Just a little over 24 hours since she announced she's battling breast cancer, the outpouring of support Kikkan Randall has received has been nothing short of overwhelming.

For her APU ski team teammates, they'll be right there with her during this journey.

Channel 2 asked Rosie Brennan, a member of the APU Elite Nordic Ski team about her reaction when she found out Kikkan was battling cancer.

"I mean, disbelief. You know, someone like that, who's so healthy," Brennan said. "And an incredible person, so much energy and positivity. How can terrible things happen to such good people?"

Kikkan told the ski team a few weeks ago before announcing her battle publicly on social media.

Brennan says Kikkan is obviously a little subdued, but it's comforting to see her familiar fire.

"It's a much more somber thing than gold medals and the typical things we're celebrating with Kikkan," Brennan said. "But, you know, she had her same positive attitude and same, like determination...You could's still Kikkan in there."

We asked if she was surprised to hear Kikkan biked to her first round of chemotherapy. Brennan just laughed.

"She was telling me she was trying to figure out how she could do treadmill tests before chemo and then like during and afterwards to track her progress and stuff...only Kikkan."

Brennan also said the team has been talking and researching some crazy pink wigs they can wear with her during this battle.

"It's great that she's here," Brennan said. "I hope that we can provide a distraction, share some stories about training and make her still feel a part of the team, even if she's not out there, every day with us. She'll always be a part of our team."

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