Anchorage locals show support for Humboldt hockey team

ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - The tragedy that struck the Humboldt Broncos hockey team on Friday touched the lives of many far away from Humboldt, Saskatchewan as they tried to find ways to deal with their grief.

What started as a way to show support for the victims and survivors has slowly spread across the nation.

Many have been leaving hockey sticks on their front porch as a symbol of support for those who lost their lives on Friday.

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Anchorage local Chris Miller decided to do the same.

"It hit hard to me. I didn't know how to express myself," Miller said. "I saw this little movement on the Internet and figured I'd show my respect to the hockey players in Saskatchewan."

Miller, a father of three boys who play hockey, says he hopes this symbol will provide some comfort to the families.

"It's beyond words for me to explain, other than symbols like this mean the world to me, and it means, I'm sure it means the world to the parents of those kids who passed away," Miller said.

There is a Go Fund Me account for the victims and the survivors. It's currently raised over $4.7 million.

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