UPDATED: Chugiak transfer player receives waiver; team can still make playoffs

ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - Updated 12:45 p.m. Friday, Dec. 21:
ASAA Executive Director Billy Strickland says the organization has granted a waiver to the player who transferred to Chugiak.

"ASAA believes that the former Chugiak coach's failure to be truthful was not within the student's control and therefore met the criteria of a hardship," Strickland wrote in an email.

Strickland also said the Association would not ban the team from post-season play, but would fine the school $250.

Posted Thursday, Dec. 20:
Chugiak high school has released head basketball coach Jocquis Sconiers of his coaching duties on Thursday.

Sconiers admitted to a violation of state athletics rules after coaching a senior player who transferred from Noatak who played on his summer league team.

In a statement from ASD Director of Communications Catherine Esary, it states that the school will be appointing an interim coach for the remainder of the season.

Activities principal Ben Johrendt says Josi Schultz will be interim coach of the boys basketball team.

Executive Director of ASAA, Billy Strickland, says the player in question as it stands is ineligible to play, according to the bylaws, however, depending on his circumstances, he could be granted a waiver. Waivers are only granted for hardships.

Strickland went on to say that since Chugiak self-reported the violation, at this point, Chugiak will not be banned from post-season play.

Sconiers says he was unaware of the ASAA rule which states, "A student who participates as a member of an out-of-school team coached by another school's coach, and who subsequently transfers to that coach's school, will be ineligible in that sport for one full season at the receiving school."

The recruiting allegation against Sconiers first came to light in a story published by the Anchorage Daily News and Chugiak Eagle River Star.

"I mistold the truth about my involvement with this player, to save the kid," Sconiers told Channel 2 Thursday morning.

"I feel like this a bad rule. I hope they change the rule," Sconiers said.

"I really feel like, if a kid wants to transfer, to a school, no matter what that school is, give them a one-time transfer," Sconiers said.

ASAA met with administrators from Chugiak to reach a decision on the consequences of breaking this rule.

According to ASAA rules, the first offense of recruiting or undue influence should result in the school being placed on probation, fined $500 and losing playoff privileges. The coach will be suspended from coaching for up to one year. The school, if it allows a suspended coach to coach a team, including practices, could forfeit all contests in which the team competes.

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