Dimond's Dey siblings bond over soccer

ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - The soccer community in Alaska is a close-knit affair, and for Dimond soccer, teams and players become family.

For real-life siblings Tanner and Kali Dey, playing in net for the Lynx has been something that's brought them closer together.

"Watching the games as I was very young, it was really inspiring just to see how much fun they were having," Dimond sophomore goalie Kali Dey remembers with a smile.

"It's very special. We definitely connect a lot more through soccer," her brother Tanner, a senior, agrees.

The Dey siblings have played soccer together since they were little.

"I just really wanted to be having that much fun also, so that's why I really fought to get into it," Kali said with a grin.

As they got older, they moved from field players to goalies. For Tanner, his high school team didn't have a backup goalie his freshman year, so he stepped up and stepped into the net.

For Kali, it was a different story.

"I actually wasn't good enough to play on the field," she said with chagrin. "That changed, luckily I worked really hard but I really wanted a secure spot on a team."

Soccer isn't the only thing the Deys excel at. Tanner is being recruited by college hockey teams. The forward spent the past two years playing for the North American Prospects Hockey League in the fall and winter.

Kali is a ballerina with Alaska Dance Theater.

"Last year and this year I've been dancing 40 hours a week," Kali said. It's a lot, but I really enjoy it and my soccer team is so supportive."

But soccer has been something they've always shared.

"Family is always going to be there for you," Tanner said. "She's definitely there for me and I'm definitely there for her. So that's number one for us."

Kali echoed that sentiment when we asked how she liked being able to share this with her brother.

"I really love it. It's really great," she said. "As competitive as we are, we also support each other twice as much."

In the interview, we had to ask: Which Dey is better at soccer? Tanner was the more diplomatic of the two.

"We definitely compete at different levels," he said. "She's definitely really, really serious at soccer, so I'll have to say.. I don't really want to say, really," he said with a laugh.

Kali, on the other hand, did not beat around the bush.

"It's a rough question to ask because I know that he's going to ask me after this and give me grief," she said with a sigh. "But if I wasn't better and I play it year-round, then I should quit."

The Deys are not the only sibling duo on Dimond varsity soccer teams. They're joined by brothers Jacob and Derek Stone and brother-sister team Max and Ali Keller.

Both Dimond soccer teams will compete in the 2018 ASAA state soccer tournament May 24 - 26.

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