Finnmarksløpet update: Seavey holds lead through Tuesday

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Dallas Seavey leads the Norwegian Finnmarksløpet in the final leg of the race. Only about a third of the trail is left to cover.

The finish in Alta is approximately 675 miles away from the start by way of the trail.

Half a dozen others have already scratched from the famed Scandinavian race.

Original Story:A favorite before he started, most thought Dallas Seavey would make his way to the front of the pack in Finnmarksløpet eventually.

However, no one could have guessed he would do so this quickly.

Seavey took the lead when he was the first to arrive in Tana Satiurday night. However, he's currently sitting in 2nd behind Tom Johansen as both teams head to the Neiden checkpoint.

According to a press release from the race, Seavey is enjoying the trail and the newness that Norway presents.

He was teased by a reporter that this is what it feels like to be a rookie.

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