Iditarod finalizes prize money. Here's how much each musher won this year

ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - The Iditarod has announced the official breakdown of its $500,000 race purse by finishing position. The prize money is based on the 39 finishers.

1st place: $51,299 (Peter Kaiser)
2nd place: $43,143 (Joar Leifseth Ulsom):
3rd place: $39,793 (Jessie Royer)
4th place: $35,843 (Aliy Zirkle)
5th place: $32,943 (Travis Beals)
6th place: $28,093 (Matt Hall)
7th place: $26,493 (Paige Drobny)
8th place: $24,946 (Ramey Smyth)
9th place: $23,443 (Mitch Seavey)
10th place: $21,993 (Aaron Burmeister)
11th place: $20,593 (Richie Diehl)
12th place: $19,293 (Linwood Fiedler)
13th place: $17,993 (Jeff King)
14th place: $16,793 (Wade Marrs)
15th place: $15,593 (Jeff Deeter)
16th place: $14,443 (Kristy Berington)
17th place: $13,343 (Anna Berington)
18th place: $12,343 (Matthew Failor)
19th place: $11,343 (Seth Barnes)
20th place: $10,343 (Mats Pettersson)

Finishers 21-39 were given $1,049.

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