Iron Dog Day 3: Team #7 first to Nome, more teams scratch in dwindling Iron Dog field

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (KTUU) - Iron Dog team no. 7's Tyler Akelstad and Nick Olstad have reached the Nome checkpoint, the first team to reach the halfway point, arriving at 4:40 p.m. Monday.


So far, 13 teams have scratched, and that number could be on the rise with teams still on their way to Nome.

The 2020 Iron Dog course seems to be throwing everything but the kitchen sink at the dwindling field of competitors.

Team no. 9, Eric Wellman and Greg Deacon, scratched on Monday night after Deacon’s sled went into a creek outside of Kaltag.

Also outside of Kaltag, team no. 11, Roger Brown and David Wagner called it quits after Brown’s sled burst into flames.

From mechanical issues to broken bones, team no. 39, Robby Schachle and Cody Barber, scratched after Schachle suffered a broken collar bone according to the team's Facebook page. They were in second place for more than 860 miles of the race.

“(H)ad a great run, sleds are clean and did their job. We just took a very unfortunate hit causing (Robby’s) collarbone to break in a few places.” Barber wrote on their page. “We rode 200 miles after that happened, but after X-Rays, it’ll be in our best interest to not race on due to sharp bone pointing towards lungs and artery.”

The 2020 halfway ceremonies will be held in Nome on Wednesday.

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