KTUU Sports Podcast: Alaska’s 100 Mile Man

ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - This week on the podcast, 2019 Leadville 100 runner up Chad Trammell sits down with KTUU’s Patrick Enslow. Trammell is a dentist in Anchorage and a staple in the running community. The Leadville 100 is a destination ultra-marathon in Colorado that is run at high altitude. The two discuss Trammell’s recovery from the race, how he did it, what the training was like, and what Trammell plans on doing next.

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What is the KTUU Sports Podcast?

Each week the KTUU Sports Department will sit down and talk sports from a different perspective than you're used to seeing on television. The goal of the podcast is to go more in-depth with the subjects we're interviewing, rather than the quick soundbite you might hear on TV.

KTUU Sports Podcast notes

1:00- Chad Trammell discusses his recovery from the 100 mile race.
1:35- Feelings at the finish line.
2:41- Emotional state during the race.
3:40- What is the Leadville 100?
5:56-Training for an ultra-marathon.
7:45- Diet leading up to the race, and how he fueled his body during the 100 mile trek.
9:40- How Trammell kept himself motivated during the race.
10:35- Toughest part of the race.
11:40- Post race publicity after his second place finish.
13:55- Advice for anybody trying to tackle a big feat like a 100 mile race.

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